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If only I could find the words...

by tierra rich

jun 13, 18

Mental health is something I've been affected by since I was 13 years old. I'm using my voice now to speak up and be an advocate for the voiceless. If you feel something please feel free to write back to us or call: 1-800-273-8255, National Suicide Prevention lifeline. Let's break the stigma.

Its easy to say we need to reach out for help. Easy to say, hard to do, embarrassing to accept. This is the moment I talk about my depression and all it takes me through right? No, this is my declaration of how I want out of depressive episodes and I want to build a community who can help me support this. Over the past few weeks our society has experienced two high profile suicides. And whether you wore Kate Spade's stuff or adored watching and traveling along with Anthony Bourdain as much as I did, it felt like we lost close friends in a way. So was it all our duty to protect them and help save them? 

Now here is the part where I talk about how my depressive episodes feel lonely and their isn't a soul that can help us. But that's the thing about depression it's a place of loneliness. In a world full of social media, instant gratification and beyond burgers, where is the realness in realizing that people need more than just a surface convo? We need love. We need weekly dinners, we need trips together, hikes together, we need "do you need me to pick you up something form the store", we need "let's pray together", we need "let's go shopping", we need phone calls just to say "I Love You". Text are cool, but hearing a voice is better. Depress people need community, they need to feel supported. Bring back families, bring back true friend groups who set up dates to meet up. Bring back God. Bring back care. Bring back hope because a lot of us are losing it. We lose sight in faith when all we have to do is show up in reality. I , like so many others, would rather not indulge in our depressive episodes, but most of the time it's only because we feel so out of touch with other humans. If you don't do anything today, actually reach out to someone have a hour long conversation, Facetime them for two, go out to coffee for three, and sit in the park for about four hours having a picnic with food the both of you made. Save a life by being a supportive community.


by tierra RIch

may 30, 18


In the matter of hours we found out how powerful a Black ABC President, Channing Dungey is and will be. She saw Roseanne tweet something so stupid I wont even retort it here, but Channing girl was like, naw Rosie... You can go somewhere with that hate. For one, did you know the President of ABC was black? No wonder all of Shonda shows are on for decades. But I digress back to the hate speech people with power are out here spewing. Like forreal though: ya'll really think black people not fighting back on ya'll haters? We have just as many degrees and friends in high places as you, why speak ill of us, when clearly we can fire you! 

Now I've never been a Roseanne fan, but when I heard Wanda Sykes (my black lesbian auntie) was working on the show as a consulting producer. I thought well maybe that's a good thing. A black woman getting that coin off the lefty,hillbilly character who was revived after years of being in the national TV vaults. But naw, Rose had to go and Roseanne herself. She had to take her fame and talk shit. Wanted to call it freedom of speech, but just blamed it on sleeping pills. So does that mean she may have a drug problem too? It just seems something got her a little loose at the lips. Was it cause she already was able to be her true self and get paid for it? I mean she is a real live Trump supporter,vocal and all. Was this all apart of the plan? Will she get another deal? I guess we will all have to see after the next Roseanne.

Soul Searchin...

By Ameer C

april 29, 18

Song To Match: Nuri Hazzard "Soul Searchin' (Ft. nambi ra)",

Gran LUxx EP

I always used the tell the homies that the future was scary only because you don’t have the answers. (How Sway?!) If our futures were solidified and the stepping stone along way were handed to us, would stress even be in our peripheral vision? That’s an easy answer, but word to my man Hazmat,

“See there’s beauty in imperfection/

Losing do coming with lessons/

Glory in the redemption/

It’s just a test, I aint stressin’”

This thing called life is just a big ass test, but sometimes in the process, I don’t even know what Im studying for. In grade school mathematics teachers used an acronym that helped us solve complex equations, (P)lease (E)xcuse M(y) (D)ear (A)unt S(ally). In mathematics terms, it stood for Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. Four COLOSSAL steps before one even knows when or whether to add and/or subtract, both the easiest components yet key to the final results of the equation. I can remember numerous times calculating layer after layer of an equation just to get to the "solution" and find out from my teachers or fellow classmates I was completely wrong. Imagine giving your all in certain circumstances, working just to reach one objective, just to come up short and realize merely after the fact your steps we’re miscalculated the entire time. Moreover, you must now embrace your mistakes just to get back on course. That’s life right there. Sometimes you’re on a long road trip just to find out the wrong address is in the GPS. “It’s levels to this shit young bull!”, in my opinion, one of the realest things the recently freed Meek Mill has ever stated. 

We’re not here for pessimistic statements though. Understanding these levels and moreover, that the journey of growth is long one is the beautiful lesson in all of this. Never give up, never surrender to the bullshit. There will forever be gloomy days but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. My guy Nuri would conclude “Maneuvering through darkness, like my name is BRUCE…. Wayne!”


by: Ameer C

april 19, 18

Song to Match: EARTHGANG "Flickted", ROBOTS EP

Bumping EARTHGANG’s “Flickted”, I found myself reminiscing about an article I had once written on (S/O to the homies). Addiction is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity”. It is easy to associate that statement with negative context, usually three trite subjects in sex, money, and drugs. Yet, one of my favorite phrases is “Catch 22”. Addiction is a Catch 22. Word to Ye, “Why everything suppose to be bad make me feel so good?” I think we can contribute this to an adrenaline that connects to our emotions. However, you can feel that same rush when you taste success, travel the world, fall in love, listening to your favorite tune, etc. We’re addicted to that rush and sometimes even forced to it trying to escape the ills of society and its standards. In the words of the Devin the Dude, “whatever you’re high may be, get high to the EXTREME!” But even that may be a Catch 22. Everything deemed as “good” for you isn’t what it always appears to be. The conversation is complex.

Going back to EARTHGANG though. First and foremost, I really hope you guys got a chance to listen to their latest tunes. They’re sonically and lyrically phenomenal. “Flickted” comes off an EP titled ROBOTS. Ironically, my thesis behind this blog is simple: I am too ‘Flickted and conflicted because the things I am “addicted” to have contributed to my present structure and furthermore the things surround me. Chasing the “high” penetrates the physical, spiritual, and mental to the point where everything you do or say is chalked up to who you are. In some shape or form, we are all robots constructing ourselves to seek the things that we think we need/want. Though we continue to build ourselves and adjust to the glitches in life, you can only wonder who or where we would be without being afflicted by a number of conflicts and circumstances. Again, the conversation is so complex. Marinate on it though. Even more irony, EARTHGANG recently signed a deal with Dreamville led by J-Cole who's dropping an album titled "KOD" with the subtitle "This album is no way intended to glorify addiction." Aint no one in the world looking forward to it more than my brother Jarrett Wilson. Haha.